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Prepared with passion


In Vietnam food is more than just a meal, it's a passion! At Le Vietnamese Kitchen you can experience the dedication to quality and the balance of intense flavours that the cuisine is famous for. All of our fantastic dishes are best paired with a drink from our specially designed cocktail menu.


"Le Vietnamese Kitchen deserves to be run off its feet. The food is authentic with some superb French flourishes and outstanding Vietnamese examples, like the beef pho. Service is excellent, the atmosphere upbeat and friendly, and though some dishes are expensive, you could eat here on a budget if you tried." - Caroll, NZherald

"Really FRESH and FRAGRANT spices and flavours! Ordered: fresh and deep fried spring rolls, fish of the day and Mekong chicken curry. The fresh spring rolls- They look so simple and plain (don't be fooled) but the combination of veges and the sauce were the perfect balance! The fried rolls however had average filling and weren't very tasty. The Fish of the day was the BEST (highly recommend). The fish itself was marinated in sweet sauce and sat in a leaf of veges/chilli and rice noodles. The taste of all components in ONE bite was soooo flavourful!! The curry was also flavourful with different spices which complimented the chicken
(my friends loved it)" - Zomato

"Best Vietnamese restaurant in town!" - Yujuan Han

"Wow what a great little find this place is, just walking past today Thursday 26 Jan 2017, so just had to try a cold summer roll - pork & prawn ($9) - very authentic, cost a bit more that I usually pay but u do get a side salad and they are stuffed with greens and good portion of prawns and a delicious pennut & fish sauce - I'll be back on a cooler day to try the Pho😎" - Dave P

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